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Huong Viet® - is entirely made of natural materials, a non - chemical product, by Khanh Vinh Co.,Ltd. Huong Viet has its special odour thanks to the blend of various kinds of herbs, which brings the peace in atmosphere and soul, releasing stresses caused by modern life.
With the aim to put health at the top priority, Khanh Vinh Co.,Ltd pledges to boycott harmful chemicals in production, such as chemicals to make odor or to shape the ashes.
Huong Viet has a traditional, slight, and warm odor and less smoke. Its quality has been registered to Hanoi Department of Quality Standards and Measurement.
In the time of globalisation, Huong Viet – a pure Vietnamese product - deserves to be an outstanding of Vietnam to introduce to the world.


Applying Internal Quality Standards for the production of Huong Viet - Vietnamese Incense
In order to guarantee the quality of products in the production process, Khanh Vinh company has issued 02 sets of Internal Quality Standards for herbal products, including stick incense and coil incense.

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