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Huong Viet - Vietnamese Incense - in ROSA Supermarket
Update: 2/14/2010 10:50 PM


Huong Viet products, made by Khanh Vinh Co.Ltd., have been officially sold in ROSA Supermarket, one of the large franchise, which has branches in several large city in Vietnam. Huong Viet is firstly sold in ROSA – North Linh Dam, located in Linh Dam, a new motropolitan zone in Hanoi.
The presence of Huong Viet – Vietnamese Incense – in ROSA supermarket proves the quality of products, showing the continuous attempt of Khanh Vinh company, with the consistent objective: bringing the traditional odour and ensuring safety for customer’s health. Through the careful examination of products to be sold, ROSA Supermarket has shown its special attention to the quality of products, contributing to protect customer’s interests as well as strenghening the image of the Supermarket in the way to become one of the largest retailers in Vietnam.
Both stick and coil incense are sold in ROSA supermarket. With the affordable price and high quality, Huong Viet – Vietnamese Incense – is expected to gain confidence of domestic and foreign customers.
To have more information of ROSA and its branches, please refer to: www.rosa.vn
Recently, Khanh Vinh company continues to enlarge its market share, attempting to become the leading incense producer in Vietnam.




Applying Internal Quality Standards for the production of Huong Viet - Vietnamese Incense
In order to guarantee the quality of products in the production process, Khanh Vinh company has issued 02 sets of Internal Quality Standards for herbal products, including stick incense and coil incense.

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