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Incense coil - Medium
Incense coil - Medium

Price: 25,000 VND

Hương Việt® - Vietnamese Incense® - Herbal is entirely made of natural materials, a non - chemical product. Vietnamese Incense has its special odour thanks to the blend of various kinds of herbs, bringing an outstanding feature of Vietnam.

Incense coils are packed in paper box and kept dry by silicagel inside the bag.
Quantity: 10 coils
Dimensions: 145 mm
Price: 25,000 VND/box
Applying Internal Quality Standards for the production of Huong Viet - Vietnamese Incense
In order to guarantee the quality of products in the production process, Khanh Vinh company has issued 02 sets of Internal Quality Standards for herbal products, including stick incense and coil incense.

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